English Class


Centro Latino offers English as a Second Language classes to whoever needs to learn the language. The classes are offered free of charge each Monday from 6pm to 7:30pm. Donations between $5 are welcome and appreciated. The classes are held year round with breaks for holidays. The classes are designed to help beginning students gain a basic understanding of the English language and become comfortable with it. The target population is working-class, Spanish-speaking Latinos living in mid-Missouri. Centro Latino is able to attract many students from this population due to its constant contact with the Latino population in Columbia. Centro Latino has offered English classes since its inception in April 2000.

Learning English is vital to the empowerment and advancement of Latinos living in mid-Missouri. Without a basic understanding of English, Latinos find it difficult to do everything from applying for jobs to shopping for groceries. The short-term goal of Centro Latino’s ESL program is to help Latinos do these tasks with ease by learning to communicate in English. ESL classes at Centro Latino strive to attain part of our mission by providing guidance in navigating the health, education, and cultural resources in mid-Missouri. The long-term goal of Centro Latino’s ESL classes is to enable the ESL students to become more competent, confident, and self-sufficient members of the community. The community benefits from Centro Latino’s service in the formation of such civic members. Increased communication and understanding lead to a more unified community aimed toward common goals.

Centro Latino partners with Frederick Douglas School for Adult Education. Intermediate and advanced English classes are offered at Frederick Douglas School. Centro Latino urges students to continue their education at the Frederick Douglas school after satisfactory completion of classes at Centro Latino. Douglass School offers GED classes as well.

Contact Vicki Boyd-Kennedy for more information about ESL Classes atboydkennedyv@missouri.edu. Read more about Vicki on our Board of Directors Page.

     English Class